Hi! My name is Kendré. I'm so glad you found this store!

Back in the summer of 2007 I found myself looking for a nice pair of shoes for an upcoming event. I spent a few days shopping around on the Internet, in shoe stores, and in major department stores; but ultimately, I came up empty handed.

Did I tell you that I wear a size 11 shoe?

 I felt really frustrated. This very same thing had happened to me so many times before. That summer, I started daydreaming about how nice it would be to find a store that ALWAYS had size 11s in stock.

Over the years, I shared this daydream with just about every woman I talked to. I learned that there are so many women who experience my same shoe shopping frustrations over and over again.

For over a decade now, I’ve paid attention to everything associated with shopping for women's shoes. I’ve paid attention to what women say frustrates them the most  and what they'd like to see changed about shopping for shoes between sizes 9 and 13:

Why does it always feel like there’s only one basic black pump in your size for ALL the women in a city to fight over?

Why do major stores put any energy at all into stocking cheaply made clown shoes that make your feet look big and clunky?

What would it feel like to pull up to a store or log on to a website and KNOW that you will have OPTIONS in your size?

Years ago, my Dad taught me that I should never beg anyone to take my money.

Why continue shopping at shoe stores that can’t ever be bothered to stock more than a few pairs of shoes in your size?

You should feel confident and pulled together when you put on a pair of shoes.

Shoes are a necessity; cute, well-made shoes in your size should not be hard to find.

With all of these things in mind, I set up shop in Historic Dublin, Ohio.

Shoes By The Foot opened its doors on December 20, 2018.The store is beautiful and the shoe selection is thoughtfully curated. There are no cheaply made clown shoes here.

My little girl, Bella, is at the shop with me most days, so Mommas with babies in tow are always welcome!

I hope you come in and check the store out for yourself. I LOVE the look on my customers' faces when I say, "We have EVERYTHING in your size!"