Truth moment: When I'm shopping, words and phrases like "sustainability," and "made from recycled material" don't necessarily fire me up like they do other people. 

When I hear words like that, I generally cast a side eye. Too often, those words mean "frumpy" or "not well made". Remember trying to erase something off of recycled notebook paper when you were a kid? No thanks.

I'm not beyond saving, though.

When I decided to open Shoes By The Foot, I knew I wanted to carry beautiful hosiery that couldn't be bought just anywhere. I did my research and came across Swedish Stockings.

I was first drawn to Swedish Stockings because their products are GORGEOUS, but as I learned more about the brand and about its bold mission to influence and change the ENTIRE hosiery industry, I was completely sold.

Pantyhose are a petroleum product and one of the fashion industry's biggest consumables. The production of pantyhose is harmful to the environment as it normally uses non-renewable fossil fuels and requires a large amount of energy and water to produce. 

Swedish Stockings uses "zero waste factories" to produce beautiful, sustainable products. A large part of their production is solar powered, and all water used in dyeing is purified and treated so that it can be reused. Due to these and other "clean" techniques, Swedish Stockings' energy consumption is 87% less than contemporary pantyhose manufacturers.

And I can't stress enough--their products are luxurious, beautiful, and extremely well made!